The Intro Machine (TIM) is a training environment for anyone trying to build an Introduction Based Business (IBB), where the main thing that you sell is yourself.
Whether your field is finance or real estate, law or accounting, your career and success depend upon two main areas: skill set and mindset to acquire new clients.
The Intro Machine will give you the tools and training to become better and do more business.

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I deleted an app from my phone. Go ahead, tell me how wonderful I am *snark*. Oh I’m sooo brave! It was just

IQ: Introduction Questions

Who do you know that is complaining about the proposed capital gains rate increase?

Who is the person you know that will never take the easy road?

Who is the first person you want to hug after lockdown?


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“My clients all love me because I’m easy to love.” Horsefeathers. Client relationships are very similar