1 Percent

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One out of one hundred white belts achieve the rank of black belt.  Almost all start with the dream, but then reality hits and they realize the work needed, so they start dropping like flies.

1% of internet community members contribute, the other 99% lurk.  They add nothing to the group.

The average American works 34 hours a week but is productive for only about 15.  If you were productive for 7 hours a day you would be in the top 1% of productive hours.  You’d probably also be in the top 1% of income.

The top 1% of single income earners in the US has a threshold of about $325k, $525k for a married couple.

Be a 1% er.

Out work others.

Out-think others.

Don’t waste time like the others.

Then eventually you can do what 99% can’t do, because right now you do what 99% can’t or won’t do as Grey stated in “The Common Denominator of Success” 90+ years ago.

Work like a 1% er then live the life you want, because by choosing to work hard and smart, you can chose whatever you want.

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