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Five seconds to greatness or doom. Which path will you chose?

Do you hit the snooze bar yet again, or force the covers off and embrace the day?

Do you scream at the toddler (maybe the client), or do you pause and let the emotions quell?

Mel Robbins discusses this critical handful of seconds to execute or avoid in her TED Talk, where she unlocks the science and psychology behind this incredible productivity hack.

Five seconds to chose greatness or long term failure, and the key is to countdown from five like a rocket ready to blastoff, to break away from the gravity that holds us down.

Want to ask for Introductions? Start it within five seconds or else you won’t do it. So take a micro-action in the right direction because momentum will carry you forward if you start. Maybe have an agenda that has “Brainstorm for Introductions” on it so that you naturally move forward.

Afraid of something? Angry? Count down from five as you draw your breath, then respond because as you countdown you engage your neocortex instead of your old croc brain of fight/flight. You can’t be afraid and smart at the same time, so push the thought to overcome fear.







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