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The Secret Is...
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Want more Introductions?  Let me tell you the secret.

Lean in close, because it is a secret that we don’t want everyone to know.

The secret to getting more Introductions is….

Get more introducible.

Be a better person, a better resource for your clients, and the Universe will pay you back.

We have all heard “people do business with people they respect and like”, and serving others is still highly respected.  And doing things for others, lowering your Self Orientation Score from The Enhanced Trust Factor (ETF), is one of the greatest ways to garner respect, by creating good in the world.

So here’s an example:  I was driving yesterday through the hills of my hometown, and there was a downed tree all the way across the road.  I saw a dozen cars stop and turnaround from either direction.  Instead of just turning my back and avoiding the situation though, I pulled over and called 911.  I was the first person to do so.

Broken Tree

I then got out of my vehicle, took off my suit jacket and tie and checked the situation.  The tree was pretty dead and had split into sections, so I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.  In about three minutes I had cleared one lane while numerous cars turned around, and not a soul got out to help in the 85-degree heat.  But some people could now get where they were going.

The town highway department showed up with a chainsaw, cut the tree into five-foot lengths and we cleared the road fully of the logs, branches, and other debris.  Then we shook hands (he had gloves on, so no COVID social distancing/contact violation) and I went to my appointment.  Only about ten minutes out of my life to help others.  No big deal, but everyone else just avoided the problem instead of helping to solve it.

Earlier in the day I had given a client an Introduction to a professor that specializes in an area that could help their company.  Could be a huge enhancement to their business and took a couple of minutes of my life to dramatically improve theirs.  Oh, they also asked to do business with me.

Yesterday another client fell and thought she broke her foot and needed a ride to Emergent Care because her car was in the shop and they hadn’t finished it when they promised they would (a violation of Reliability component in the ETF) so I took her to get it checked.  Five minutes out of my life to be told “You’re the best” and make her life better.  And it wasn’t broken, only really contused but she had the day off and will be sore but ok.

This was a few hours after giving another client an introduction to help them not make a big mistake.

Oh, that appointment I was going to today?  To give blood at a Red Cross Blood Drive ( because I have a very rare blood type and there is always a crying need.  Yes, I will literally bleed to help others.

I’m not bragging.

In fact, I rarely talk about what I do for others, because even if no one knows what you do to help others the Universe knows.  And I know.  Karma can be a bitch but also can have benefits.  The ripples we send out of good reflect and amplify, and help others who in turn do the same and eventually, somehow, some of the good we do comes back to us.  Even if it is just knowing we did something to ease another’s burden, to bring a smile or enhance their day.

I don’t keep a mental ledger, but as we teach the Cub Scouts I work with: do a good turn daily.  Helping others becomes a habit and has a positive butterfly effect across the economy and world that we can’t see but can ultimately feel.  The compounded effect of our actions will improve the world, which will assist those we care about and create a psychological positive feedback loop, something our country desperately needs right now.

Your friend’s kid had surgery?  Send a quick message that you are thinking of them.

School needs a volunteer?  Step up.

Give to the local foodbank, as almost anything helps.

Mentor that college kid.

Pick up that piece of trash and put it where it belongs.  Under thirty seconds to make the world a little more beautiful.

As you give of yourself, your worries will lessen in proportion to the increase in peace of mind you create for others.  You will get a neurological change that improves your outlook, and how you interpret the world will alter.

And others will notice.

Others will talk about it.

You will start to be looked at in a more positive light, to be referred to as a good man or woman.  Your reputation will precede you.

You will be more referable.

We can discuss the Buddhist or Christian or Hindu or whatever interpretations and scriptural references from sacred texts from around the globe and down the centuries, be it the Quran or the Tao of Pooh.  Or we can just do the little things to reverse the entropy that deteriorates our world, to counter close minded self-centeredness with a bit of other focused appreciation and effort.

Others will notice.

Do some good.

And that is the big secret to most things.

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