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OK, I am going to vent. 

And if you have delicate sensibilities, skip to the last line.

What the hell are you doing?

Why aren’t you working?

You control your entire destiny, and instead you are dorking around and not working.

I give you motivational and educational articles, enough to fire you up and give you all the skills needed to build a highly profitable Introduction Based Business.

Instead of following my guidance you struggle and bitch and moan about not having any money.

I gave you the freaking treasure map!  And the shovels.  Get off yer ass and dig for that booty!

“Oh, it’s soo tough calling people.”  Yeah it is.  Yet every experienced producer in your office?  They did it.  I do it.  I HATE picking up the phone yet I do it.  Why can’t you?  Are you scared that they are going to reach through the phone and death touch you?  Leave a bad Yelp review?  Call your mommy and say mean things about you?  Suck it up and dial, or pack up and leave now because you are sucking the oxygen out of the office and wasting your manager’s time.

“There is so much paperwork!”  Too bad.  There is as much paperwork applying for unemployment insurance.  And paperwork means you get paid.  Think of it as a time tax, the side effect of producing and making money.

“But…” No buts.  Get off yours.  Get to work.

Look, I have given you all the tools.  The verbiage, the mental training, the answers to objections.  The agendas and feeder lists and Introduction Questions and everything that I have used to be successful.

Everything but ME.

You know why you’re a loser and I’m not?  Because I hate losing enough to do the work to win.  I get out of bed when tired and get going.  I faced the things that I was afraid of and even if I hate them, I still do them each day so I get what I want.  I get knocked down and beaten every day, but where you stay down or avoid getting back in the ring I stand up and fight again and again and again. I haven’t lost yet because I’m not dead, you’re afraid to get a bump or bruise so don’t even try.

I am working, after 10:00pm.  You’re not.  That is the difference.

I want it.  You say you want it.  I work to get it.  You don’t.  It’s that simple.

I work.  You whine.  Case closed.

Pick up the tools I have given to you, and get to work.

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