Hard Choices

“You gain knowledge through suffering.” David Goggins. Pain is a crucible that reveals the impurities in us, and allows us to separate the dross from the superior metal. Adversity, be it mental, emotional, or physical, allows us

The Trichotomy of Control

In “A Guide to the Good Life {the ancient art of stoic joy}” William Irvine expands Epictetus’ Dichotomy of Control into a third area in a manner that every professional should harken to, as it is a superior model for how we interact with


I would rather spectacularly fail at a glorious and worthy endeavor, than lie or shirk or turn tail and be doomed to Darkness forever. Better to burn with Passion and Light than to be Void and fade into the Night.

1 Percent

One out of one hundred white belts achieve the rank of black belt. Almost all start with the dream, but then reality hits and they realize the work needed, so they start dropping like flies. 1% of internet community members

Ars Poetica

“Good poetry lets the reader feel the poem. Great poetry lets the reader feel themselves.” JRRT. The same goes for good advisors (of all forms): good advisors can see the opportunity to sell their services, and make money