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We all love getting a bottle for the Holidays, and we often give a bottle to our associates and clients because it is easy and accepted.  But let’s look at three reasons why giving a book is a better gift than a bottle.

  1.  Lasting.  A bottle will last an hour (wine) to a few months (whiskey et al.).  A book will sit on their desk and be seen every day.  It can last for decades.
  2. Feel Good versus Be Better.  A bottle creates good feelings for the duration of the time it is being consumed, a book can be consumed over and over every time the reader opens it.  If they take advantage of using a book such as Every Day Excellence (Kindle #1 New Release in Professional Development), they can make a lot more money.  And that feels really good.
  3. Referability.  If someone is seeing your gift every day, and they are improving themselves and their life, they will naturally associate you with that growth and want to share you with the people in their world.  This will create a return on investment for your gift of knowledge to them.

Every Day Excellence makes a superior and memorable gift to the traditional alternative because it is a gift that keeps giving and helps the recipient grow, paying dividends to the donor.

If you were to think about it now, a bottle makes you feel good for a while, but a book gives you every day excellence.

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