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5 Steps to Become Excellent

Want to become excellent? I mean like awe inspiringly so? It's simple. Get Up.Remember your Mission.Get to Work.Don’t Give Up.Repeat. It is that simple, and that difficult. These are the five steps that have made champions and

Yo Ho!

Most adventurous kids want to grow up to be pirates, to search the seas for gold and partake of adventures along the way. Those who keep these desires as they enter adulthood often become entrepreneurs or salespeople, because we

Resistance is NOT Futile

I was a scrawny, asthmatic kid. I couldn’t do a push up nor run more than a minute without wheezing and seeing stars. I’ve now run too many races to count and have completed multiple ultramarathons. I didn’t take a magic pill

The Growth Mindset

Ok, so I have been thinking about something because I have gotten a lot of blowback from people over several of my recent writings calling on people to become more excellent. Apparently trying to inspire individuals to be better