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Sometimes you just need to rest. So you don’t break. Because recovery takes a lot longer if you don’t do the preventative maintenance. Like sending the kids back to school after summer vacation and you close the door and


So my son and his cousin almost burnt down the house making potato chips. Grease fire, out of control. I ran in and they handed me a fire extinguisher. I pulled the pin, pointed and squeezed the trigger. WHOOSH! Fire


I am not exceptional. I am merely exceptionally disciplined. I am not a good runner, but I have logged the miles and will do another Ragnar soon and a few weeks after that my second ultramarathon. I don’t look like a deer,

The 3 Don’ts

I did my first live race in two years yesterday, and as with all intense endurance endeavors there are lessons to be learned from it. Essentially three rules for multistage events (triathlons, Ragnars, business and life) that if you

Two Gs

Want to succeed in business and life? Here is a simple solution, and it is not “have the winning Megamillions ticket.” While that is certainly an alternative method, the odds are not in your favor nor is it a replicable