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Good Talk

Want to increase your perceived value with your clients? Lean in close, because I don’t want others to hear this. Closer. (Looks furtively around to make sure no one is listening). Ok, here is the secret. You have two eyes,

Secret Of Success: PARK It!

I was talking with some other Industry Leaders the other day about what it takes to succeed in our profession. This was an eclectic group from across the country, male and female, across two decades of ages and numerous initial

Space Race

It was a time of tension in the US, and we were striving against a foreign power in proxy wars all across the globe and in a grander, non-combat theater for world leadership. The Space Race was in full effect, and the old

From One

“From one thing, know ten thousand” Musashi tells us in The Book of Five Rings, a guide to warfare and self-discipline that financial advisors would do well to study. My own practice in the martial arts, the discipline and vision and


If you want to run a marathon, you don’t just get off the couch, throw on some sneakers and go. You set the goal, put together a training plan, and start ramping up the miles over an extended training period. You have to make