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Ode to a Luddite

“The problem’s plain to see, Too much technology.” Styx Mr. Roboto The other day I was asked to take a logic test by a Board I was trying to do some work with. This team had a

Highest and Best

Psychology and The IRS actually agree on something. The Internal Revenue Service has an ideal of “highest and best use” for an asset (say a chunk of land) that could be valued at what it is currently being utilized for (say laying

Books >> Bottles

We all love getting a bottle for the Holidays, and we often give a bottle to our associates and clients because it is easy and accepted. But let’s look at three reasons why giving a book is a better gift than a bottle.


“Balance, Daniel-san! Must have balance!” You read that in Mr. Miyagi’s voice, and that’s a good thing.  That lesson is eternal, the most enduring part of Pat Morita’s legacy. And by balance I don’t mean a donut in each hand,

Donuts, or Do Nots?

Donuts make me happy. They don’t make me fulfilled. Running helps me develop the mindset and discipline to be fulfilled. It is an ongoing process of challenging myself. It does not make me happy, but it does let me eat