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Slice the Gordian Knot

I have a coaching client that is like myself in many ways: grew up having to work for what he wanted, played competitive sports to learn lessons and as an outlet, and has built an extremely successful business by applying the mindsets and

Will and Work

Want to win? All it takes is the Two Ws. Will. Work. Will and Work. That’s it. Will is developed over years, by pushing yourself in uncomfortable ways, by choosing the less easy path that develops your internal

Play Ball!

Summer means baseball, and I got to spend some time at my 16 year old nephew’s games this weekend. This young man had some very good insights: “I try to get on base 1-2 times per game.” You don’t have to get a hit every time


I would rather spectacularly fail at a glorious and worthy endeavor, than lie or shirk or turn tail and be doomed to Darkness forever. Better to burn with Passion and Light than to be Void and fade into the Night.

Ars Poetica

“Good poetry lets the reader feel the poem. Great poetry lets the reader feel themselves.” JRRT. The same goes for good advisors (of all forms): good advisors can see the opportunity to sell their services, and make money