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The Struggle Is Real

Everyone wants it easy. Easy sales, easy relationships. Green lights all the way from the garage to the office, and coffee waiting with zero problems at work. Maybe a nice chair massage and a bonus plus a cupcake with

Activation Energy

I was talking with one of my nerd buddies the other morning and she brought up the idea of activation energy. Since most people reading this haven’t taken a chemistry class this millennium, let’s review: Arrhenius postulated

Don’t lie.

Don’t lie to others, because it will become a habit. It will deteriorate and get worse and worse, a slippery slope and eventually you will get caught like a Fly in a Spider’s web. “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we

Quick Fix

There is no pill. There is no silver bullet or magic potion. Want to lose weight? Eat less and exercise more. It is about caloric deficit, expending more energy than you intake. Change what you eat and increase your