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Summer’s Gone

Summer’s gone. The leaves are dying. The chill is in the air. School has begun. Football season is beginning and the baseball season is ending. Now is the time to focus, to bend all of your energies into your business.

Maker or Taker?

Are you a taker, or are you a maker? Think about this for a moment before answering. Are you an extractive individual, that looks at any situation (business deal, personal relationship, etm) and says “how can I get the best out of

Find a Way

“I will find a way, or make a way.” Hannibal Another nightmare speaking trip. Publisher couldn’t get me books to sell. Airline left us on the tarmac for an hour, just missing connection and next flight 9 hours later.


I spent the past two weeks traveling, something I rarely do. I spent more time in airports and on planes than I did in my own bed in the past fortnight. I altered my workout routine and diet to accommodate the time zone changes and

The Odyssey

My business trip was a comedy of errors that turned into The Odyssey. First I had to drive 3 hours to a different airport because my local airport is horrible when it comes to flight times and pricing. It literally costs about a