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House of Pain

Everyone wants to be comfortable. It is a normal human reaction to avoid discomfort, because externally generated pain is a sign of damage, a warning and self-protection system older than any language. But self chosen

Impetus to Grow

I don’t need to get up before 5:00 am even on days off. Except that I do. I don’t need to push myself in the gym or on the road or in the training hall each day. Except that I do. I don’t need to expand my mind by

Act Now

Acta non verba. Words, not actions. Words are weak, actions speak. Many people talk about improving themselves, but that is all that it is: talk. Empty words, carried away on the winds with no effect on the Earth. Do

5 Steps to Become Excellent

Want to become excellent? I mean like awe inspiringly so? It's simple. Get Up.Remember your Mission.Get to Work.Don’t Give Up.Repeat. It is that simple, and that difficult. These are the five steps that have made champions and


Sometimes the sky clouds, and Darkness closes all around, as doubt surrounds us all. Do not give in today, Do not let the fear hold sway. Resist. Fight. Do not fall.