History of IM

One day, we were sitting in a bar talking, and….

Isn’t that how many great stories start, and often great relationships too? That is literally the seminal moment for The Intro Machine: Thad and Joe were having a beer after seeing a client and were talking about cell phone addiction and business building and then there were notes on a napkin and…

The Intro Machine Virtucard concept was created. A year of research and coding and testing and tweaking later we had some set backs with coders.

So we stepped back, looked at what we had and then went forward again.

We rolled out our beta.

It sucked and we pulled it from the market.

And we realized that the tool needed more, that people needed training to be able to truly become Intro Machines.

So we spent a long period building out this site.  Training on psychology, and practice, and other tools you can use.  For the our subscribers, you will receive DAILY training (ex weekends) to grow your capacity to build an Introduction Based Business (IBB).  A Master can pick up any tool and create something beautiful, and we want to help you become a Master of Introductions and relationships.

The Virtucard?  Still being developed.  We will not release it until it is a truly great tool to help you, but if you focus on your skillset then the Virtucard will give you differential returns on an already great business.  Without building your skills though even a great tool will not help you become great.

And like all good machines, we are tinkering with the Intro Machine, improving the Training as much as we can. Look for regular improvements to the site, to help you build your business. Because that is what we built after that discussion in a bar: a tool to help build your business while someone else is sitting in a bar talking…