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This weekend I earned another Instructor Certificate in a completely different field of endeavor, in an attempt to continuously better myself so that I can help others grow and develop.  And the most informative parts of the weekend did not come from a book.

The highest level of learning once you have a really good handle on things are from doing and discussing.

Doing is obvious.  Any skill, be it asking for Introductions to cooking to firing a weapon are enhanced by committed practice.  Generally the first hundred repetitions are learning the skill, and the next 10,000 are mastering it.

But when you are in that few hundred plus range of reps, pausing and talking with others doing the same thing is invaluable.  Especially if they have more varied experience than you because you hear a different perspective on the technique or issue.  A new set of eyes can let you see a different facet of the diamond.

Attend conferences.

Go to training sessions sponsored by providers.

Join your professional organization.

Create a study group.

Force yourself to look at your business from an external point of view, to look at the components in a different light.  Look through another’s eyes at yourself and what you are doing and why.

This is one way to accelerate your growth as a person and professional.

Commit to continuous improvement, and your business and life will know no bounds.

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