Do Your Homework!

Homework Ugh!
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I have a brilliant teenage son that is in danger of failing.  Why?

Because he doesn’t do his homework.

Or doesn’t turn it in.

He does well on his exams, and actually aces many of them.

But he’s still in danger of failing because he doesn’t do the boring daily grind.

He doesn’t do the little things consistently and as such misses some little things that can become big things on the test.  And loses points left and right for not doing the basic expectations.

And it is going to bite him right in the ass unless he learns to do the homework now when the stakes are low.

Because we all have that person in our office that doesn’t do their homework.

That doesn’t study for the exams, so fails because they didn’t take it seriously.

That leaves CE to the last day of the year.

That misses that one signature on their paperwork so it can’t be submitted.

But that’s not you, is it?  NEVER!

You always take the time to review your case notes before meeting with your client so you don’t miss anything.

You do the calculations several days in advance to make sure it is done and you aren’t missing any critical information.

You always prep feeder lists to get Introductions at every meeting.

You practice the points of your pitch to make sure it is effective and on point.

You never let the assignment slide, because your professional pride is too great to take the short cuts or easy route.

You are studying for your next exam to be better at serving your clients and the letters after your name will make you more reputable and profitable.

Because you always do your homework.

Don’t you?!

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