Donuts, or Do Nots?

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Donuts make me happy.

They don’t make me fulfilled.

Running helps me develop the mindset and discipline to be fulfilled.  It is an ongoing process of challenging myself.  It does not make me happy, but it does let me eat donuts, which make me happy.

Running ten miles when I don’t want to builds my resolve for the things I need to do that I don’t want to do.  Think about your business: there are multiple things you probably hate doing almost as much as I hate running.  Are you willing to do them consistently for an hour or two a day, every day, so that you get to do all the other things that you like to do in your position?  Or are you having the donuts without earning the right to them?  Do not give in and cheat and get the reward without the work.   It is unsustainable, and ultimately unfulfilling.

A BMW won’t make me happy.  Doing the things to be able to buy a Beamer in cash will.  Having the capability to do something, but the discipline to not do it unless you EARN it, and make a better selection is even more rewarding.  The journey becomes the destination, the skills developed and sights along the way more valuable than the visible accolades at the end.  This is more of an internal strength versus external gratification and validation mindset; overall it will make you more fulfilled than cycling through flashy new vehicles (or clothes, or relationships) in attempt to let the flash light you instead of your internal fire powering and guiding you.  If you focus on the work that it takes to earn the trappings instead of the trappings themselves, you will be more fulfilled.

Chose to wait for the greater good, the better reward.  Do the things to get there that make you have excellence, and you can live a life of significance instead of convenience.  A life of fulfillment, instead of a life filled with stuff and cheap thrills that diminish your overall potential and legacy.  Do the miles and dials that others won’t and you can do things that they can’t and can’t even comprehend.

And along the way, you can still have the occasional donut.

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