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I am not exceptional.  I am merely exceptionally disciplined.

I am not a good runner, but I have logged the miles and will do another Ragnar soon and a few weeks after that my second ultramarathon.  I don’t look like a deer, more like a shambling broken cowboy too long on the range.  But I keep going, because I refuse to stop.  I will finish.

Discipline trumps talent in the long run.

I have movie star good looks (not), an incredible natural market (if you think engineers are fun to work with), and the social skills of a lab rat but I get tons of Introductions because I am disciplined and use agendas and feeder lists (after doing my research) every single time so I always get Introductions to new potential clients.

Discipline supports skill development.

I love cheeseburgers and donuts and beer.  I don’t have them all the time, and when I do it is because I earned them by doing the things I hate to have the things I love.

Discipline earns rewards.

I work long hours, and not just punching the clock but focused on high productivity and efficiency. I accomplish more in a decade than most men do in a lifetime, and I do it over and over again.  I can take time for races and to do things with my kids because I get stuff done.

Discipline equals freedom.

I maintain my calm even among the chaos of life.  Of relationships gone sour, of unexpected events, of betrayals and heartbreaks and medical issues and stupidity.  I Stoically work through what needs to be done even in the raging storms, no matter how much my soul weeps.

Discipline equals strength.

I am not exceptional, just a mere man with many flaws and scars.

But I am exceptionally disciplined, and this gives me faith in the future.

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