Expectation of Success

No Zeros, Just Heroes
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What is your expectation of yourself today?

Not this year.

Not this quarter.

Not this month or week.


What is your minimal acceptable threshold, and what is your goal that you are shooting for?

We can all put on our Superman suit for a day, to turn in a champion level performance for one day out of the blue.  Wonder Woman up, for a meeting or a morning.  And everyone loves a hero or heroine.

But that once in a while exceptional performance is an outlier, not the norm.

What is your EXPECTATION of today?

“A great producer’s average day is an average producer’s great day.”

Consistency is the key to golf and marathons and writing and parenting and nutrition.  It should be for your production too.

Avoiding a goose egg for any day is the easiest way to make sure you never get too far behind on your goals.  Even if all of your appointments blow off, you can still open up your computer and reach out to a dozen or more existing clients to get some Introductions, to open new potential business, or move along things in process.  Pick up the phone and call that couple of people that said to get back to them later.  Call your best customer and get that low hanging fruit so that you don’t go hungry for that day.

Something for the day is better than nothing.

A minimal expectation, a base threshold that you WILL NOT fall below each day, will not only strengthen your fortitude and will power but will compound your results because you are moving forward every day, even if slowly.  Consistent daily forward momentum becomes self sustaining and having that streak of successes each day even if small, becomes self-fulfilling.

 Take your activity goal for the year, divide it by 200, and that is your minimal threshold for the day.  Yes, you should shoot for more, to try and cross into “the bonus round” by lunch time so everything you do in the afternoon is above and beyond the minimal needed to achieve your yearly goal.

But if you have a great day (say three times your daily threshold) and suck wind the other four days a week and end up below your weekly run rate because you sat back after that one good day, you are off track and fooling yourself because you will remember that one good day and use that for your subconscious calculation as to how well you are doing.  Yet if each of those other four days you still hit your daily expectation, just barely hit your threshold of activity/production for that day, then instead of being behind for the week you are at 1.4x your weekly requirement.  This is the difference between blowing through your goals and looking at them in September and realizing you have no chance of hitting them: because of taking days off when you are working.

Avoid the zeros if you want to be heroes.

When you have a big win, turn the page the next day and realize that it doesn’t matter today.  Today you start at nothing again.  You need to do what you need to do today, or else you lose today’s game.  You can and should win every day, because piling up small win after small win is the way that dynasties are built.

Sometimes you’ll be tired.  Sometimes you’ll be sick.  Sometimes the world will conspire against you and the kids will puke and the car engine overheats or the paperwork doesn’t show up.

Doesn’t matter.  You can still do what you need to do today, as long as you aren’t leaving it until 4:00 pm to try and get stuff done.  Focus on hitting your threshold before lunch so even if everything goes wrong in the afternoon, you still hit your minimal expectation.  Shifting your focus and attitude like this will make you more resilient and give you higher highs while putting a floor on the lows.

Expect to work and see the results of it each day, even small.  Each brick laid is part of the soaring edifice of the tower eventually.

Don’t take days off when you are working.  If you are working work and produce at least your minimum expectation, NMWIT (no matter what it takes).  Actually work the morning and do what you are supposed to then take the afternoon off instead of half-assing it all day, getting nothing done, and not actually enjoying yourself and then having guilt.  Do your work, then go play when it’s done.

Do your daily job, and you’ll build a great career.  A great business.  Probably an Introduction Based Business, because you ground it out every day, whether you were mentally in it or not.  Do at least your minimal daily and you will look back in amazement at how successful you have been by taking all those little steps on your journey.

Expect to be great, and do the daily thing needed to get there.

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