Failure is Not an Option

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Failure is not an option.

Burn the ships.

Do, or do not. There is no try.

Let me tell you a story. Some may say it is a myth, or an urban legend. But I know it is the truth, because I talked to the man and got the story straight from the source. Not bragging, just stating a fact, like “the sun rose today.” To him, the stuff of legend was merely doing what he needed to do.

This is a tale of Sam “The Man” Hazleton. Actually Samuel H Hazleton IV, but still Sam the Man.
For twenty years before I entered the business, Sam was a Top of the Table producer often leading his entire company in lives from Albany, NY. The 50th best market opportunity in the country, and he produced over a million dollars a year in premium in today’s dollars, year in and year out on 250+ lives with one assistant and his burning desire.

Sam did this by showing up every day and doing what he needed to do, every day. He had played football at Michigan, and so he learned to practice hard and never take a play (or a day) off.

So the myth: that Sam was seen walking down Central Avenue on a Friday evening, knocking on the doors of businesses in a snow storm and trying to talk to the owners. Because he hadn’t hit his minimal weekly threshold. Because Sam had had it ingrained in him that he had to see 15 people a week to hit his goals, and refused to go home until he had done so. So Friday, 5:30 on a cold and snowy, dreary upstate New York evening Sam was still working, out in the cold trying to meet people because he hadn’t met 15 people and told them about what he did as of that point.
He could have been out with friends having a beer. He could have gone home. He was already an MDRT member, leading the Agency in lives and premium and well on his way to being a historically great producer. But he didn’t go home.
Because he hadn’t finished his week. He still needed to get to 15 appointments kept, or else he had failed to do his job.

And failure was not an option.

I asked Sam about the legend at one point after I had made MDRT.

All he did was smile and say “I saw my 15.”

Do you refuse to go home until the job is done every day?

Do you get 5 plus introductions a day, regardless of weather or cancelations? You have the tools, do you have the desire?

Is good good enough for you? Or do you need to be great, to achieve that victory every single day no matter how you feel or what the world throws at you?

Just like Sam, you can’t control if an appointment keeps but you can control your reaction and actions. You can tolerate “almost” made it, or refuse to accept from yourself anything less than your threshold for excellence every day.

Appointments cancel? Pick up the phone and call your best clients and tell them “I can’t go home until I get five introductions today. If you were in the same spot, who would you call?” Three calls, 20 minutes max, and your day will flip from failure to success so that you can go home with a smile like Sam.

Do. Or Do not.

Failure is not an option.

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