Rise And Fight
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Do not fall down when you are struck,

Strike back, or else lie in the muck.


For those you love, and those you serve

You must always summon the steely nerve.

Stand your ground, defend their heart

With every ruthless warlike art.


Against the demons, seen and clear

That flock, bringing troubles here

Do not give in, and never doubt

That you will work or fight it out.

Giving in is for lesser souls

That will never hold the champion’s bowls.


You will be hit, and absorb some blows

And take damage, God only knows

What you will suffer to stand your ground

And battle on, round after round

Against the dark, against the night

Raging against the dying of the light.

Do not go meekly into the dark

But let your spirit produce a spark

That lights a thousand other lamps

And inspires future champs.


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