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Look, you are not me. Be glad for that fact.

Nor are you Tom Hegna.

Or Ben Feldman.

The Greatest Insurance Salesman

Or Grant Cardone or Kevin O’Leary.

You will never be a clone of any of us and be true to yourself.

Attack of The Clones

And that is a good thing.

But you can adopt aspects of us.

You can steal bits of us, and incorporate them into you, to make you more than you are now. To make you more You. And that is a good thing.

Maximize you.

Draw from others, to strengthen aspects of yourself and improve your weaknesses.

Not every post on The Intro Machine is meant for you, in fact some may completely miss you because you are not me. But if you can find one concept, one quote, one phrase, one instant of excitement in a post, then it was helpful in the grand arc of your career.

Every book written is not going to be life changing for you. But if there is one idea in that particular book that makes you better, it was worth the investment to read it.

Every speaker is not going to light your fire. But if they can give you a little warmth they help make a better you, and so it is worth it.

Each seminar you attend will not yield a million dollar idea. Still attend them because you can find a little in that training to make you a better you.

I was taught early in my career to expose myself continuously to new ideas, and to look for the one glimpse of insight. It might be a phrase, or how someone pauses as they speak, or something as complex as a NIMCRUT with WRT. Doesn’t matter, every little scrap of knowledge or motivation makes me more than I was.

My father called these “pearls”. He taught me to look for a pearl in every meeting, every interaction.

Different Pearls, All Beautiful

Collect pearls. Stringing enough of them together will create a thing of beauty: your life.

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