Flip The Switch

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How would you like to increase your sales activity and production with the flip of a switch?  Sounds too good to be true?  It’s not, but you have to flip the right switch for it to happen.

Our brains are made up of billions of synaptic connections that are essentially on/off switches, like the 1’s and 0’s in a computer code.  Think of it as an organic computer with limited hardware upgrades (sorry, no Borgs allowed).

So what we are talking about is actually just a small change in the coding in your head. 

Nothing major.  In fact, it is something small, just flipping one of these switches.

Ready for it?

Of course you are, or else you would have stopped reading already.

Here it is.


Stop caring what others think.




Marcus Aurelius  would tell you to do this as it is one of the hallmarks of stoicism.

“Don’t listen to the haters” is a theme resounded by people that have changed the world through music, or business, or sports again and again.

Develop the attitude of “Doesn’t matter what you say, I’m right.”

Sounds cold and/or arrogant at first blush, but think about it for a moment.

Does your doctor care what you think about when they perform surgery on you, or tell you “if you don’t stop smoking, you will die”?  No.  They have expert knowledge and have seen hundreds if not thousands of examples similar to your situation.

Does the cop care when he gives you a ticket for not wearing your seat belt and tells you that it saves lives, even if it is slightly uncomfortable?  Not really.  They want you to obey the law and be safe, and their knowledge and obligation is more important than you getting a little rub on your shoulder.  

Does your CPA care what you think about accelerated depreciation on assets, or does she say “Do this, it is way better for you in the long run.  It will save you X thousand dollars.”?


So why in the H E double hockey sticks do you care what your prospect thinks about something?

Why do you care if they heard from their cousin’s sister’s dog sitter’s yoga instructor’s barista that our profession doesn’t make the right recommendations?  That is probably the same person that put their meager life savings into pets.com    because it was going to change the world and recovered just enough to buy a bit of a Bitcoin at $20k a pop. 

Stop caring what the uninformed feel.  Your thoughts as a professional are worth much more than their ungrounded opinions.  You have forgotten more than they will ever learn.  Start acting like it.

Your focus on doing what is right is what will give you the strength to withstand the distractions around you.  It is what will let you have the difficult conversations.

So when you inform the person you are sitting with “and you will introduce me to five or more other people that can benefit from having a discussion with me”, don’t be apologetic.  Don’t beg.  YOU are the expert, the professional, and being introduced to other high-quality people is part of your planning process.

Flip THAT switch in YOUR head, and the majority of clients will just obey because you have the voice of authority on your side.  Change that one digit in your code and you could add a digit to your pay check.

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  1. MadMadamKittin says

    I really needed this. For too long I’ve been letting self-doubt get in the way of my own success. Definitely time to flip some switches 🙂

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