Gimme Five!

Gimme 5
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Gimme five!  I want five minutes of your time.  Not for me, but for future you.  To create a better future you by having present you invest five minutes a day.

300 seconds, probably less time than it takes to get your morning caffeine fix.

Coffee must I have!

In five minutes of consistent daily effort you can and will bend the curve of your future development and ultimate success in business.

Here is what I want you to do for five minutes, every morning, right after you get into the office:

  1. Review your language.
  2. Call that person who scares you.

That’s it.

Take a few minutes to review your language, basically a warmup/stretch of your mind and mouth to make sure you are physically and mentally ready to perform.  Then face your fear and make one call.  Just one, to someone that you are terrified to call because you are afraid they will decline meeting you.

Guess what?  Facing your fear eliminates it.  And that person will either say “no” and you eliminate them from your list and your mental “Someday I’ll Get” database, freeing space up for others and eliminating a false hope.  Or they say “yes” and you can actually move forward in your process with them, instead of them always being that one attractive person that you want to ask out but never do and so miss your shot and always wonder “what if?”.

Eliminate the what if.  Ask them out.

That’s it.  Five minutes a day of reviewing your language and making that one call to Mr. or Miss Big.

First time you try it you will be terrified if you are a normal person.

Second time you call a Mr. or Miss Big you’ll still be wickedly scared and trembling.

The fifth time you’ll be scared.

The fifteenth time it will be no big deal.

By the fiftieth, no one is bigger than you and your fear has been subsumed to your action.

Your will and daily activity overcomes your terror and your paralysis.

300 seconds a day.

So gimme five, five for your future.

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