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I swore I would never do a marathon again.

So this weekend I did a double marathon (an ultramarathon), because two negatives is technically a positive from a mathematics point of view.

52.5 miles, increasing in difficulty as I went way beyond anything I had ever done before and had to draw upon my reserves that I had accumulated in the months and years leading up to it by pushing my envelop to the edge of my comfort zone over and over and over again. 

Only .5% of the population has done a marathon.

More people are doing ultras, a 3x increase since I did my first marathon in 2002.  A little over 100,000 people a year do an ultramarathon, roughly 1.5 thousandths of a percent of the world population.  Just finding that number and typing it made me realize how crazy it is.

I did it.

Hitting Top of the Table is about the same order of magnitude.  Why not?  It too requires daily discipline, having a supportive group of people that will cheer and abuse you, an absolute willingness to say “no” to things that won’t help you reach your goal, and then guts.  An unwillingness to give up, and just grind it out step by step, meeting by meeting.

There are roughly the same number of Centimillionaires on earth as people that have done an ultramarathon.  Think about that!

And know what?  I HATE running.  So does Ultrarunner David Goggins.  But we do it because it makes us better.

I hate picking up the phone to make appointments.  I get shakes before doing it, but I do it.

I hate paperwork with all the fury of an ADHD rebel Libertarian that rages against bureaucracy and inefficiency and just wants to get to work helping people and remembers when an app was eight pages and one signature instead of looking like War and Peace.  I still do it.

I run in rain and cold, which I detest.  They suck your energy away quicker than you can imagine.  But I do it.  Just like if you want to hit your BHAGS (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), you need to get out of bed and lace them up even if you don’t want to work that day.  Beautiful spring days call for golf or boat drinks or being outside instead of calling clients and solving problems, the same way freezing mornings call for staying under the covers.  Accolades go to those with a strong dose of discipline that suck it up and do what they must.

At mile 40 I said “I could quit, this is all I committed to”, and then that voice in my head that drives me to excellence said “If you quit now, you’ll always be a quitter.”  I did not quit.

Find that voice that drives you to do the crazy things, because that is where excellence lives.  Let the average people have average lives, chose to be exceptional.

Go the extra mile.

Or 50+.

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