Good Talk

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Want to increase your perceived value with your clients?

Lean in close, because I don’t want others to hear this.


(Looks furtively around to make sure no one is listening).

Ok, here is the secret.

You have two eyes, and two ears, but only one mouth.  Use them in that proportion.

It’s that simple, even if it isn’t easy for those of us with the gift of the gab.

You might have to squeeze your pen under the table, or actually tick off the seconds on your fingers, or wear a rubber band around your wrist and snap it to keep your mouth shut.  Whatever it takes.

Listen and observe before you speak, and in much more volume.

THAT is how clients will tell you what a great conversationalist you are, and open up more so you have stronger relationships and everything that comes from it.

Two eyes, two ears, one mouth.

Hear me?

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