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We are approaching Thanksgiving, and showing gratitude has been directly linked to increased happiness.  Increased happiness has been linked to increased productivity.

So be thankful that you opted for a sales career in financial services.  Here are five reasons why you should be grateful:

  1. If you want to make more money, you can go sell more.  Any of your friends in corporate America need to wait until their next salary action, or work more hours, to make more money.  You can just go sell more.
  2. Speaking of selling more.  Almost everyone wants and needs what you have for them:
    1. About 40% of Americans say they want more life insurance.
    1. The vast majority of Americans own NO individual Disability Insurance.
    1. The majority of Millennials say they want guaranteed income in retirement.
    1. Gen Z wants to save at a higher rate than any previous generation.
    1. The majority of Baby Boomers are going to need Long Term Care, and Long-Term Care Insurance is the most effective way to meet their demands.
    1. Tax rates are going to go up, making tax favored savings/investments (annuities and life insurance and 529 Plans) that mush more attractive.
  3. Whenever there is uncertainty (in the markets, with tax policy, with the general economy or job market, etc.) people seek professional guidance.
  4. Speaking of uncertainty, we have seen a massive shift in the employment landscape.  Something like 20% of Americans lost their jobs during the Pandemic, a significant number of people retired, and the competition for talent is so fierce that people across all economic strata are being wooed by competitors and getting big raises for switching companies.  I think you can see several opportunities in this.
  5. The entire market has moved to remote meetings.  You can now move electrons instead of molecules.  No more finding a parking spot and paying for it, wasting 20-30 minutes per meeting minimum traveling.  You can work shorter hours, see more clients, and still increase your revenue.

Take a few minutes.  Think about these opportunities and write down how you can use the information presented above to create a big jump in your revenue.

Then be thankful, and share your gratitude and happiness with others. 

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