Hate It? Do IT!

Do IT!
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I ran 20 miles yesterday.

I hate running.

I’m not a gazelle, I’m more like a brute gorilla trying to push through the jungle after drinking a case of Corona and dropping a C note at Taco Bell.

Graceful I am not.

Nor fast.

But I did it.

Including the virtual Ragnars I have now done a dozen multi-stage long distance races.

I hate running so I do it.

I hate phoning. I literally shake before picking up the phone to call and set up appointments.

90% of the people I talk to meet with me eventually.

I am freaking awesome at it.

And I still hate it.

Yet I do it.

Hate asking for Introductions?

Do it.

Or else you’ll be out of the business.

So be more scared of failing, telling your significant other that you failed because you were more afraid of hurting someone’s feelings then not getting paid for your good work. Or are you going to tell them that you cared more about people you will probably never see again than your love standing in front of you or your kids?

Use your fear as motivation.

Use your hate to make you strong, just like the Sith.

Do what you hate, so you can do what you love.

As Nike and Emperor Palpatine say: Do it!

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