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As of Mother’s Day 2020, unemployment will be about 16%. At the turn of the year it was about 3%.

That means one out of eight Americans has lost their job in the past 90 days.

Those that still are working are working extended hours, often while trying to home school kids.

Stress levels are off the charts.

Help them.

That one out of eight that have lost employment? They need your help.

Those overstressed parents? They need your help.

Those struggling small business owners, whose dreams are hanging by a thread? They need your help.

We are in the FINANCIAL SERVICES profession, an essential industry per the federal government.


Help them.

Ask every person you interact with “who do you know who has been downsized because of COVID 19, because I can help them?”

And ask “who is struggling with kids at home, trying to work and be teacher at the same time? I can help them.”

And ask “what is your favorite small local business, because they are probably hurting? I can help them.”

Go help them!

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