Hot Hot Hot

I Scream, You Scream
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It’s hot out.

Do something different that draws attention to yourself in a cool way.

Have an ice cream cake delivered to that huge potential client.

Use your social media to post refreshing recipes.

Set up a lemonade stand and staff it with cute kids.  I’ll even loan you mine.

Try something completely different that your clients and their associates will say “wow, that’s cool” and talk about it.

Call your local ice cream truck, and have them swing through your target neighborhood or office park.

Declare “Beachwear Week”, dress in Hawaiian shirts, and have inflatable sharks and palm trees outside.  Hold all your meetings under the palm tree and change your Zoom background to a beach.  Make sure you play lots of Jimmy Buffet.

By mixing it up your clients will talk about you, and as Barnum said all publicity is good.  It will also excite you and your staff, carrying over to your productivity.  And in the middle of winter, you will have numerous pictures and stories to recapture that energy and create new discussions.

Maybe I’m still suffering from heat exhaustion from this weekend, but I think my clients will look at me as more human than planning machine if they knew that we were having an inflatable kiddie pool at the office in the depth of the heat wave with virgin strawberry daquiris for anyone that brought a friend in to meet us.

When it’s wicked hot, be the cool kid.

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