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Give to Get
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Karma can be a bitch. It can also be incredibly awesome.

Ask your potential client “What do you need to succeed?” Then help them get it with your brain, your contacts, and your products.

Help them become better, alleviate their pain (even if not directly related to your service), improve their day and their economic outlook.

Start doing this regularly, without seeking a short-term return, and you will not have to worry about building your Introduction Based Business, because people will want to introduce you to others.

“Givers get” say the Rotarians for a reason.

The RAS (Reticular Activating System) is the neurological filter of our perceptions of the world, and can be primed to see opportunity by focusing on creating opportunities for others. The interesting side effect is the more you alter your mind to look for opportunities to serve others, the more you realize opportunities to solve problems that you can be compensated for, and the more problems you solve for your clients the more revenue you will ultimately generate because of the opportunities you uncover.

Serve to receive.

Give to get.

Help others to help yourself.


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