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One of the more interesting things we have found over the decades is that all Reps love Passive Introductions, where the client tells you “By the way, you should call my friend So and So, they just inherited some money and want to talk to someone so I gave them your name.”

Everyone loves getting paid without doing work, so this is not all that interesting.

The interesting thing is that due to the way the brain is wired, everyone disproportionately remembers getting these Passive Introductions, disproportionately valuing them, and expecting them as a way to build their career.

But here’s a dirty secret: getting handed Passive Introductions is actually the result of years of hard work.  It is like winning the Gold Medal after decades of practice, or the overnight success in Hollywood after five years of waiting tables and couch surfing.  Getting passive introductions is like the music superstar that gets invited to appear on various projects not because they are great now, but because of decades of excellence that might not be obvious.  The minor league baseball player who toiled  and didn’t get their shot at the big leagues until they were traded, someone got injured, and all of a sudden they perform on the big stage and people say “where did they come from?!”

I used to get at least one call each month “Hi, I’m a friend of X Client, and they told me I have to talk to you about my financial planning because you helped them out so much.  When can we talk?”  Yes, it was great, but 99.5% of my Introductions I actually worked for, so if I was counting on that call in appointment I’d be doing something else for a living because you simply can not survive on passive Introductions in your first two or three decades of your career.

Passive Introductions are literally that last 1% of your business, the icing on the cake.

But it is the cream cheese frosting that truly makes carrot cake wonderful, and separates it from being a muffin.

So here are some ways to increase your chances of getting Passive Introductions.

  1.  Change your voicemail.  Make sure your voicemail includes the phrase “and don’t forget that I work on an Introduction basis.”  You need to hammer it into your clients’ heads so that they think of you and think of Introductions and excellence in the same synaptic fire.
  2. Have your staff always say “and don’t forget, XXX works strictly on an introduction basis.”  Every time they leave a message for a client your staff should be reinforcing your message.
  3. Have it on your website.
  4. Talk about it.  From the first time you sit down with a potential client to talk about planning, in every meeting with them, and in your correspondence you should be reminding clients that you work on Introductions instead of cold calling or buying lists or running blast email spam campaigns, because it is more efficient and leaves you more time to service clients or do research to serve them better.
  5. Nest.  Focus on getting a bunch of clients that love you in a particular office or company.  Be an expert in their benefits and needs, be seen in the office (especially with their leaders), be known as “Our Finance Guy/Lady”.  You’ll get the call “Hey, I’m new at SuperDuper Tech and everyone says I need to talk to you.  When are you going to be in our office again?”

These actions are actual work to get Passive Introductions in the future, but it is critical.  If you don’t sow you can’t reap a harvest.  If you don’t have your clients ACTIVELY involved, you can never be passively involved in getting Introductions.

We used to have clients show up to annual reviews with four typed names with contact info, and they would apologize and say “We’ll get you a fifth today while we are talking”.  Because they were well trained.  We had invested the time to create a CULTURE of Introductions not just among the Reps I mentored, and my staff, but also throughout the people I worked with.  We worked hard so that we could work easier later.

As Financial Advisors, we talk for a living.  Make sure you are talking about Introductions regularly, because your clients will eventually pick up on it and want to share you.  Be consistent with discussing it, be consistent with asking for them, and make it easy for your clients to give you Introductions.   Do the hard work now, and it will be easy later.  Till the soil today so that you can harvest tomorrow.


The Intro Machine is about to introduce an app for the cell phone that will help you gather passive Introductions.  Contact us for details at, and look for it in your App Store soon.  Getting that single extra Introduction per month passively will more than pay for it for a year, and by applying the hard work concepts we talk about here on the TIM Training Site, your Passive Introductions should increase nicely.

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