Hurry Up Offense

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The leaves are changing and falling.  The air is crisp, and we have both baseball playoffs and football.  Days are growing short, just like the calendar year.

We have entered the fourth quarter of the year, and just like the fourth quarter of a football game you are probably behind and its time to implement the hurry up offense.  How can you get a couple of quick scores?

  1. Anyone that you asked to take action but who didn’t buy in the first half of the year, but didn’t say “no, never” should be called.
  2. Anyone that bought last calendar year but has not bought this year should be reviewed and talked to.
  3. Any of those Introductions that scheduled a meeting, but had to reschedule?  Get them back on the books.
  4. Call your 10 best clients and ask them each for 1 extremely high quality individual going through changes in their life.

Short and sweet, quick actions.  Now hurry up and go score!

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