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I am an Introduction Machine.

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence then is not an act, but a habit”  stated Aristotle.

I build relationships and set expectations that I will be introduced to others.

I create value in every interaction I have be it a twenty-year client, someone I am sitting down with for the first time, or holding the door for someone.  Every action casts ripples into the future, and every moment we can attempt to make the world better through our actions.

I am an Introduction Machine.

I create value for others, and in return they introduce me to others.

I model professional pride and hold myself accountable, and do so with those I work with.

I am an Introduction Machine.

I have honed my skills through repetition and reinforcement.

I practice my language and scenarios, so I fear no opposition.

I give of myself, knowing that I shall receive.

I look for opportunity in adversity.

I am an Introduction Machine.

I never shut off or shut others out.

I have programmed my mind to see what others don’t, and do what others won’t, so I do things that others can’t.

Because I am an Introduction Machine.

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