I Love It!

Love Holds it Together
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“I Love It!”

How often do you say that when faced with adversity?  Why not? 

Why do you want it easy?!

“The obstacle is the way” proclaim the Stoics, and it is true.

“Easy come, easy go” describes money and power and fame and clients.  Those that jump in bed with you easily jump out just as quickly, as fickle as Lady Luck.

But that which takes work, that which you must struggle to acquire, cannot be taken away.

“I wear my black belt on my soul, not my waist” one champion declared.

You were not meant to have success without work, because you won’t appreciate it nor be able to replicate it.  It’s like hitting the lottery for a quarter million dollars.  Quick hit, but what will you do when it’s gone? 

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  Steve Jobs

“Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty….” Teddy Roosevelt

That hard thing?  Attempt it.

The thing that scares you?  Do it.

Make that call.

Ask for that Introduction.

Fight for what you want, be it success or love.

Want it bad enough to taste it, bad enough to sacrifice for it.

Desire success and greatness more than current comfort, more than the cocoon you now inhabit.

Birds fly because of the pressure on their wings.

Diamonds are formed in heat and pressure.

Muscles grow through resistance.

Champions want a challenge.

The easy road leads to Hell, the hard way to Heaven.

Embrace the daily struggle, the wrestling with adversity, the crucible that fires your steel.

Love your battle, and you will be victorious.

  1. Bryon Holz says

    Encouraging words!

  2. Ronald Hunt says

    So much inspiration! Remember to honor yourself for the effort. The goals will come. There is no real victory if it comes too easily.

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