The Dark Knight
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Know why Batman is my favorite hero in the DC Comics universe?

Not because he fights with the Joker, my favorite bad guy (don’t try to psychoanalyze me, the Irish are immune per Freud).  It’s because I could be Batman.

So could you.

Hear me out.

Superman is an alien, born with innate abilities that are powered by the sun.  Being Irish, the sun isn’t my friend, I have to wear SPF5000 to open my sunroof.

Wonder Woman is either the ultimate Amazon or a Goddess, we aren’t sure which.  But again, innate abilities beyond mere mortals.

Green Lantern?  Aliens!

Martian Manhunter?  Actual alien.

Batman?  Just a man.

An intelligent human, who through his will, training, and sacrifice has made himself the most dangerous member of The Justice League.

Yeah, he’s got a utility belt and lots of toys he’s built.  But he knows how to use them.  He practices.

Yeah, he has money.  But he took what he had and made it orders of magnitude more.  He thinks.

He has a strategy to take out every other member of the Justice League if they go rogue.  He plans.

He’s just a man.

He bleeds. 

He sucks it up and keeps fighting.

He loses? 

He recovers, figures out why, and fights again. 

And Batman wins.

Because he refuses to lose.

I could be Batman, or at least have his mindset.

YOU can be Batman.

Study your opponents.

Increase your knowledge.

Build your Will Set and Skill Set.

Don’t rest on past victories.

Practice and plan and execute.

Be Batman.

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  1. Vince says

    “Build your Will Set and Skill Set”
    – love it!

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