In Chaos Hides Opportunity

Fear Not the Fire
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Napoleon was marching, Europe in confusion.  Markets were in free-fall, uncertainty swept the land.  Shops closed, businesses failing, fear in the streets.  And Rothschild boldly made a fortune that would make Zuckerberg blush.

Plague gripped Europe.  Entire towns vacant, trade halted.  Universities shut down, professors and students scattered.  Sir Isaac Newton formulated his theory of gravity and wrote the basis of calculus.

Recession swept the United States.  Oil embargos strangled industry and daily life, gas lines circled around the block.  Economic prospects were dim and wage controls suppressed hope for the future.  Apple and Microsoft were born, spurring technology innovations and adoption and creating an untold number of millionaires.

Now is the time to be bold, to charge forward to glory.  To build your empire.

Be not afraid, for cowards will never truly live.

Do not bunker and hunker down, expecting to outlast the storm because your defenses will collapse and you will be a ruin.  Ride out and face the fury, earn your glory.

Patience is a virtue, but fear is not.  Pick up your phone and call your clients and inspire them.  Call those who did not become clients and offer to defend them.  Acquire new clients by being bold, by facing the demons of fear and panic.  Inspire others, lead the charge, and beat back the chaos as you expand your kingdom.

Gird yourself for battle, for glory awaits as you protect those that you serve from the terror that is sweeping the land.  Ride out, boldly attack and seize the field.  Fight for your future and that of those you love.


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