Incentivizing Your Clients to Use Introduction Machine

Incenting Your Clients to Use Introduction Machine

Always check with your Home Office on incentive rules to make sure you are compliant.

But once you’ve done that and know that it’s ok, you can use the Introduction Machine to enhance your referral gathering efforts in a simple way that gets your clients in the game with you.

One of the guys in my old office held an annual ski trip, and had drawings on the bus. Every introduction his clients gave would get a ticket for the drawings, so the more introductions the greater the chances of winning. He also had a second drawing with a minimum number of introductions (I believe 10 for the year) to get into that drawing, which was for some even better prizes. So more is better, and Introduction Machine will make it convenient and easy for your clients to participate.

I used to do a quarterly poker tournament, and the invites went to my top clients for the quarter in terms of the number of introductions. Limit was nine clients invited, and a month before hand I’d let the top 15 or so know where they stood. You’d be amazed at how they would jockey and give additional referrals to get a seat at that table…

Do something fun that you enjoy that clients would like too. Do it on a short enough cycle time if possible so that there is a little urgency, but long enough that you can give your clients feedback so that they can try to step up a bit. We here at Introduction Machine would love to hear your stories!