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If you were to go to for the definition of “Independence”, you would find the noun with the following:

2. freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

3. Archaic. a competency

Independence Day is one of the most fun holidays on the calendar in the US, and is the celebration of one of the most traditional of American values, dating back before the earliest of the hardy Europeans settled on these shores.  It is our wish at The Intro Machine that you develop independence in the truest sense of the word.

We want you to develop competency in your craft, such that you will always have work and add value to your clients while continuously bettering yourself to have a greater impact.  Mastering the skills to always be able to acquire new clients will give you independence in that you will be relieved of the mental burdens of fear and scarcity in that you can and will always be able to make your own future by building relationships from scratch.  That you will know that everything could be taken from you at work and you could overcome that obstacle by rebuilding your Introduction Based Business with your knowledge of your field and how humans work, to recreate a better position and career because the skillset and mindset of networking and doing the best you can are engrained so deeply in you that they will always show.  A competency that rises to the level of excellence in introductions and your particular craft.

Once you have evolved from novice through apprentice to Master in your skills you should develop independence along the financial lines.  No more buying leads from data miners, or depending upon your office superior to throw crumbs your way.  No hoping for call ins or walk ins or attending 7:00 networking meetings with other people that are scrounging for business too or cold calling until you want to cry. No more hoping for a lucky break but rather planning for and executing to achieve success.  Because you know how to do it, and believe you can and you will.

Develop your front-end activity to the point where you have three dozen open and active files at any one moment.  Too many real estate agents have three or four potential clients they are working with at any one point, and this paucity of potential is what keeps them skittish and scared because they do not have enough activity to let the law of large numbers take over. They are so dependent upon every single one of their open inventory closing they lack an abundance mentality and can’t look their client in the eye and give them the tough truth that will garner more respect, business, and introductions.   An Advisor that has two score or more open and active cases doesn’t worry if a particular client doesn’t close because they represent 2.5% of their current potential, and even if that client doesn’t come through another one will and they will be replaced in the queue within a day.  This gives the Active Advisor a freedom to act in ways the inactive one can’t or won’t, an independence from any particular customer, and the ability to look that person in the eye and say “I don’t need you or your business because I and my family are fine without you.  But you and your family need to listen to me, because without following my recommendation you are screwed.”  Independence lets you alpha up and speak the truth, thus being more powerful and effective.

As Jocko Willink declared with the title of his bestseller “Discipline = Freedom”.  Freedom and Independence are twin ideals, and your daily discipline is the price that you will pay for financial and business independence. 

You need to invest time to hone your craft and build your skills.  You need to face difficult and stressful situations to build the resolve to have the not easy but critical conversations with clients.  Every moment we are tempted with the easy path that buys us a moment of ease but at a future cost additional hardships.  Do not chose the easy way as it will ultimately be harder and longer. You sacrifice Independence for the illusion of comfort.

Freedom isn’t free. Excellence carries a price. Independence is the greatest feeling, but it must be earned through sweat and sacrifice. Make the right choice to become great and chose your own path instead of being forced along a road you don’t want. Make a sacrifice of your present self to your future self.

Happy Independence Day, and if you master building relationships to build an Introduction Based Business, independence for the rest of your career.

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