Just Do It!

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“Focus and finish.”  My eight-year-old son with ADHD has heard these words in his Tae Kwon Do class numerous times.

“Champions run through the finish line.”

“I didn’t hear no bell.”

I just ran my tenth Ragnar, a 200ish mile team relay race where each runner does three legs for somewhere between 15 and 20 miles usually.  18.3 for me this time.

With cracked ribs.

And a bruised sternum.

It was at times agony.  But I didn’t give up, because others were depending on me to finish my job.

Do you stop when you are tired, or when you are finished?

As a kid on the farm we didn’t stop until the harvest was in because once the rains came we couldn’t continue.  Taught me to finish the job.

Dr. Stolk almost cut his hand off with a chainsaw but was back the next day bucking up a tree.  Why?  “Job wasn’t done.”

Do you finish the job?

How often do you see other people in your office fail to succeed, because they quit just before achieving their goal?  Why run a marathon to give up before the last .2 miles after doing the first 26?!

Are you digging and stopping three feet from gold?

Make that extra call.

Ask that one last client.

Give your all for one more day, one more week.

“Winning means you are willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else.”  Vince Lombardi.

“In life you have three choices: give in, give up, or give it your all.”  Charleston Parker.

Your momma didn’t raise a quitter.  My mother taught me “suck it up” at an early age. You can, and you will.

Quit your bitching, take a slug of coffee and a deep breath, and tackle this thing.

Because you got this.

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