Just Today

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Just today, can you push yourself?

Just today, can you make yourself a little bit uncomfortable by calling one person you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to?

Just today, can you put in that extra effort of preparation for your meetings this week, so you are more ready and can deliver more on your professional promise?

Not always, but just today can you have one (just one) moment of doubt where you take a deep breath and go forward, trusting that even though you are afraid it is the right thing for your client (and ultimately for you)?

Not every day.  Just today.

Today expand your personal emotional risk tolerance just slightly.

Just today, expand your envelop of comfort a teeny tiny bit.

Can you do that?

Then do it again.

And again.

And again.

Incremental miniscule gains create a tremendous future.

So just today, can you….

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