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“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will never go hungry.” This is a true parable about what a fish taught me.

As a relatively new but successful Financial Representative who was also on the management track, I had an office on my own very early based upon my activity. And so I had one special accoutrement on my desk: a fish bowl.

Over the years this bowl had a variety of betas (fighting fish)

Fighting Fish

and painted glass fish. Even a fake glass fish for a while!

These fish became some of my greatest training partners.

Because EVERY single day, I would talk to those fish. I would practice my language on them, not just my phoning language as my warm up before picking up the phone but also my closing language and most importantly my introduction gathering language.

I “prospected” those fish every day multiple times.

I prospected them more than a California gold stake.

Never did I get a single introduction from those fish. But did I fail? Of course not, because of the repetitious practice making me an expert. The young Reps in the office would laugh at me, sitting there for a few minutes talking to my fish. And then they would fail out of the business because they weren’t getting enough introductions to sustain themselves, while I soon was weekly getting as many introductions as I could handle.

Eventually, I was giving introductions to the people that I managed because I was getting more than I could physically see each week. Clients were coming in with typed lists because they had been trained that we worked strictly on an introductory basis.

We would get a call each week “You don’t know me, I’m a friend of So and So’s. they said I need to come see you to talk about my financial planning. When can I come in?”

The fish were literally leaping into the boat.

Because of my practice on my fish.

Think about this and how you can apply it to building your own Introduction Based Business.

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