Life Sucks, But…

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Life sucks.  And is awesome.

It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.

The old Chinese curse is “may you live in interesting times”, yet those are when opportunity presents itself. 

Admiral Stockdale will forever be remembered not for his failed Vice Presidential run nor really for his decades of service in the military, but for how he summarized those who were able to survive in the Vietnamese prison camps with him under mind boggling conditions and torture:

How do we apply the Stockdale Paradox to our businesses?  By embracing the bitter truth but not giving up hope, because we can develop a plan that we can then have faith in.  And like the Stoics proclaim: the obstacle is the way.  The issue is the answer.  The problem presents our solution, and it is staring us in the face.

Life sucks, but you can work your way through it.

“A people without a vision will perish.”

What is your vision, that fuels your hope?

If you can see it, experience it, touch it as if it were real you can work for it. If you believe in that future you want so badly you can taste it, experience it now as if it were real today, you can bear what it takes to achieve.

If There is a Purpose, No Suffering is too Great

Don’t let life break you. Surviving is the first step to becoming a champion.

“I didn’t die yesterday. Therefore I fight today.”

If you can fight you can still win. Doesn’t matter the odds that are against you or how bad it looks, you can still win if you don’t give up no matter how bad it looks.

If you’re going through Hell, keep on going. Admiral Stockdale did.

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