Yeah, I Ran This.
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If you want to run a marathon, you don’t just get off the couch, throw on some sneakers and go.

You set the goal, put together a training plan, and start ramping up the miles over an extended training period. 

You have to make sacrifices: early to bed to rest and recover and get up for those early miles over long distances.  You alter your diet, you listen to inspirational stories and put together playlists to motivate you when it is cold and wet out and you just don’t feel like doing it.

But you do it.

Or else you don’t hit that Big Goal.

Why aren’t  you doing the same with your business?

Running a marathon is awesome, I’ve done it a couple of times.  But having a full schedule all the time of great clients, and working 10-hour days every day actually doing the fun client facing stuff like asking   questions and telling stories and filling out lots of paperwork because of the consistent stream of business from high quality introductions is not shabby, especially when you have the cash flow to do whatever you want when not working.  Like flying to someplace sunny and beautiful to do a marathon.

Approach your business like a marathon. 

Get enough rest, get up early.  Make yourself go a little harder and farther each week, and build in recovery times.  Read  what others have done.  Get friends that you can train with, that can support and push each other and hold you accountable.  Write out your goals, work on your technique, and do what you need to every day starting now so that six months from now you can go the distance you want.

Do it.

If you never challenge yourself, you’ll regret it at some point.  “I could have” is the absolute worst thing to say, if you never really tried.  Doubts linger, but the experience of doing something exceptional will live in you forever.

Get off the couch. 

Get your plan together. 

Get moving.

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