Meek is Not Weak

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The saying “the meek shall inherit the earth” is wildly misinterpreted because of a translational issue, and has led to a hundred generations of misdirection of their aims for salvation.

The correct translation is not “meek” as understood today i.e. “Overly submissive or quiet” (per or even the older meaning of “gentle”.  The more apt interpretation is of restraint, of power not used.  “Disciplined” would be a better interpretation, and changes the significance of the phrase.

The disciplined will inherit the earth.

Think about that, as it makes sense.

Those with discipline can control themselves, and their reactions to external events.

It takes discipline to not strike back, to literally turn the other cheek.  Not out of weakness, but with the knowledge that you could destroy them but choose not to from a position of strength.

It takes discipline to build an empire, whether the old style of conquering lands or the current business conquests.

It takes discipline to not eat the junk food, thus having better health and vitality and a longer life.

It takes discipline to eliminate the negative thoughts, to be happier and create Heaven on earth.

It takes discipline to be a better parent and friend.

It takes discipline to avoid all the temptations we are presented with over and over and over.

Discipline will keep you on the right path.

Discipline will allow you to avoid the convenient for the excellent.

The disciplined will inherit the earth.

Discipline equals freedom.

Discipline is the way.

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