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The other day I needed coffee.  Badly.

I had a couple of major presentations and had worked late and was up early.

So I tried to make coffee in the pot at the office.  Fresh grounds (thank you Kevin at Upstate Coffee!), added water and started the process, went to my office to take care of a few moments of stuff.

I heard a weird gurgling sound like if The Tank Gang were trying a breakout in Finding Nemo.  Come out of my office to find spewed coffee and grounds all over the place.  Luckily no fish gasping for breath but a mess that a toddler would be proud of.  And no consumable coffee.

So I throw on my coat, drive over to a Starbucks, pull aside because a client called and twenty minutes of chatter later I can pull around to the order kiosk.  My Blood Caffeine Content was dangerously low.

Temporarily closed.


Or more like “@%#^@$@%&$%&”, sounding like Qbert. Stoicism ends where Joe is involved.

So I drive the other direction and get coffee.  Actually I got three, just to be safe.

Good thing, due to a scheduling error my presentation was an hour later than initially planned, and man did I need that caffeine.

So here is what I wish for you: I wish you were as committed to getting Introductions as I was to getting my coffee.  Told “no” twice, but did I give up?


Reformulated my approach and went back at it.

Didn’t give up in the face of adversity.

Got what I needed to run my business.

Do you go three times? 

On the phone?

When asking for Introductions, or the business?

Why not?

I could have found a substitute for coffee, be it tea or doing a bunch of jumping jacks to get my blood flowing or eating a scoop of Sriracha sauce.  What can you substitute for Intros?  Buying the same leads a half a dozen other people are?  Cold calling all day?  Those are lousy substitutes. Just like not having that sweet sweet nectar of the gods from roasted and smashed beans.

Just get the Intros.  It’s easier and more effective. 

And you won’t have to clean up the mess like I had to.

Just sayin.

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