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We all need some motivation at times. To pick up the phone, to start that project, to take that first most difficult step.

Find a variety of things that motivate you.

Music is one of the greatest motivators. I bet you can’t hear The Rocky Theme and NOT get moving.

Find your theme song. The psychosomatic benefit can not be overstated.

For me since the start of my career it has been Princes of the Universe by Queen

The line about “my future is in my own hand” summarizes the situation for anyone newly in a sales oriented career that needs to pick up the phone and dial for appointments. Even now, the opening strains make my heart beat like The Quickening and flip my mental switch, preparing me for the conquest of business.

Once you have your theme song, listen to it every morning to mentally prepare yourself, to gird your spirit for the day. And whenever your resolve or energy starts to flag, play it again.

Think of it as a shot of espresso for your soul.

After a month or so of engraining your theme song into your mind and spirit, just a few bars of it will have the same effect as the entire piece. A few seconds of sound and you’ll be able to flip the switch into GO Mode. Keep this habit going for the next decade or two.

Beyond your Theme Song, look for other quick hits to bump up your resolve, your discipline, your will to overcome obstacles and win. I listen to short vignettes on Youtube while getting the coffee going or prepping food or showering, little reinforcers of the positive to counter the mental entropy of the world.

This morning this one spoke to me:

Keep a constant stream of positivity, of inspiration, of stimulant into your mental stream to keep you moving towards your goals and over the obstacles in your path.

Motivation is about movement. Move forward, don’t stop even when life punches you in the face. As Rocky says, it’s about how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!

Now get off up, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward.

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