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Natural Steps to Success
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Success should be the natural outcome of planning and execution. 

You should not be excited about hitting your goals if you developed the plan and did the work on a daily and weekly basis to achieve the production level you predicted.  You should be excited for the daily activity, the individual meetings that build your business on an hourly and daily basis. 

Love the process, not the outcome.

We can’t have any one particular case close, or any individual client buy with certainty.  We can only influence the event.  But as statistics tells us, in aggregate we can predict overall outcomes with decent certainty.  Statistical mechanics leaves very little to chance as the number of events becomes massive, just like actuarial science or your business.

You know your current ratios between Introduction to Appointment to Client.  If you don’t, either go figure them out or look them up for your industry/office.  Then use these numbers to back into what you need to do in terms of activities you can control and influence to hit your goals.

If you know that one out of four times you ask someone to buy they do so on average, then you know that if you ask twelve times a week you will on average get three sales for the week.  Knowing that you get into a position to ask someone to buy from one out of every 2.5 meetings, you can interpolate that you need 30 meetings to achieve the twelve chances to ask the people to take action, yielding your three sales.  Focus on getting the thirty meetings, six every single day, because you can control how many attempts you make to set these appointments.  That is 100% under your control.  The three sales is under your influence only.

Focus on your daily and weekly activities that directly translate into business. 

You control:

Number of attempts to set appointments.

Number of appointments set.

Asking for Introductions in every meeting.

What time you start your business day.

What you intake for education and motivation.

Being respectful and kind to others.

How much you practice your language.

You only influence:

Number of appointments kept.

Your ratios.

Sales outcomes.

How others act/react.

Everyone expends energy (emotional, intellectual, physical, monetary) on things that they can influence, and often the most is expended where we have the least influence.  Focus on what you can control:

Get up early, workout, and feed your mind, body and spirit with good stuff.

Practice your craft daily.

Start working early, and give your best efforts.

Treat people well.

Invest time on the most important activities and with the most important people.

Review the day, see what you can do to improve what you control or influence strongly (usually through practice that improves skills in particular areas).



If you fall in love with this process, the daily little things needed to lay the foundation of your future, you will continuously approach your goal. Yes, there will be curveballs like COVID 19 or your car engine dying or a kid getting sick.  You can’t control the questions on the test, but you do control how you prepare for the test.  Outcomes are totally beyond your influence, and all you can do is focus on what you can control, how you approach your business and life, and finding ways to do the daily and weekly activity that you need to do no matter what the Universe decides to pull out of its bag of tricks this month.  Sustainable success comes from embracing the Stoic belief of controlling your mindset and your actions and letting the world do what it will do.

So focus on what you can control and do what you need to do on a daily basis, and as the days and weeks go by you will inevitably approach your goals in a repeatable and inevitable manner.  Success is the reflection of your choices that determine your actions, so chose to do the daily investments of your time and energy to follow your plan for excellence.

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