Nice Guys Finish Last

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Time for some tough love. Know why you don’t get enough introductions each week to make your business hum like a machine? Because you are too nice.

“It didn’t feel right at the time” is an excuse, an excuse used to avoid potential rejection of that other person saying “no, I don’t like you enough to introduce you to other people.” So instead of being potentially confrontational and having a tough love, heart to heart conversation with the other person about honoring their word to introduce you others, you let them off the hook so that you appear as “the nice guy/lady.” You wimped out, because you would rather have a smiling fake face in front of you than being real with them and earning their respect because that takes effort and carries risk.

Don’t be nice.

Be respectful, always be respectful.

But don’t let others push you around.


Be pleasantly persistent. Not a jerk, but hold your ground because you deserve the introductions and earned them, and letting them weasel out of paying you means that you value the false friendship of someone trying to screw you more than you value yourself as a professional.
Ouch, right in the feels.


Too bad, there’s more.

Every relationship, even a strong partnership, has an alpha and a beta in it at any moment. A wingman and a lead. Even if equal like a marriage there is a division of responsibilities and one being more dominant in certain areas than the other, because that is the way the world works. In your business relationships, are you Batman or Robin? Are you the hero or the sidekick?

Clients need you to step up and lead them. They don’t go to their doctor and say “I’m in charge, I want percasect.” They don’t go to their lawyer and state “I screwed up, but here is how we are going to fix it.” So why do you let them tell you how to run your business?
When a client doesn’t introduce you to other people when they agreed to, and you LET THEM DO THAT, you are basically laying your ego on the ground, proclaiming “please wipe your feet on me because I am your doormat.”


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Do you let them doubt you more than you believe in yourself? If so you need to either strengthen your belief or go find a different profession because you are going to be miserable.

Don’t let them step on you or use you.

Stand up for yourself and your value.


Or wuss out like you have been.

And then pack your cubicle up, because it is “when you leave this career”, not “if”.

Grow a backbone, know that you created value, and insist on being paid for your time with quality referrals.

Pack up and leave, or plant your foot and say “no. I deserve these.”

Are you going to take flight, or fight?

Instead of platitudes, get some attitude and don’t be bullied.

Because nice guys do finish last.

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